Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide to the world of fireworks in the UK. So if you are a beginner and want to know how to setup a garden firework display then let us help you.

Setting up Cakes & Candles fireworks

You will need to have a decent size garden for your fireworks. You can determine this with the Safety distance on the firework. you will need at least 25 m.

Make sure you have flat grounds, preferably a grassy area. This is to ensure you can secure properly when setting out your firework.

Now keep an eye of the area above the firework, make sure the firework can shoot up without hitting anything like a tree branch etc.

Secure you firework as best as you can. Most common way to do this is to stake a wooden stick at the side of the firework and tape it around a few times to prevent it from tipping over.

If the area you’re preparing you firework is wet, Placing something underneath the firework will help is from getting soggy, such as a piece of plank wood anything flat and solid will do.

Setting up Rocket Fireworks

There are 2 ways you can securely fire rockets. First would be to secure the launch tube to a wooden pole. Or by using a firing rack.

The simple version would be to secure the launch tube to a vertical wooden pole. When setting this up, make sure you secure the launch tube as much as possible using duck tape.

Check the rocket can freely move out the launch tube, same with the cakes and candles follow all safety information on the pack.

Setting up Catherin wheels

Catherine wheels can be placed on secured wooden poles, and also make sure you have nothing close the sides of the Catherine wheel that would set alight.

Please let us know what you think of our beginners guide to fireworks.