Collision Single ignition barrage from Imperial Fireworks offers fast paced pyro excitement for die hard firework fans

Collision Firework Sib Review

Key facts at a glance

  • Type: Single ignition barrage
  • Average price: £60
  • Fire type:  Vertical straight up
  • Shot count: 70
  • Bore size: 30mm
  • Approx duration: 26 seconds
  • Safety distance: 25m
  • Ideal for: Medium to large sized display

What We Think of Collision

Collision SIB is one of the larger cakes offered from Imperial fireworks and is a nice solid weighty block that always inspires confidence in what is to come when you light the fuse.

This firework starts off thrusting large spinning tails into the sky which explode into blue stars, crackling gold leaves, crackles mines are all here.   It finishes with a final flourish spreading into blinking red stars and plenty of crackles.

This is a fast paced firework with a shot count of just 70 so duration is somewhat short but what you are getting here is intensity from start to finish.  Unlike some fireworks of similar size, this starts off as fast as it finishes, so no slow build up.

Why Buy This Firework

We’d say this is a good option if you have a higher budget and want something fast, intense and perhaps as the penultimate firework to your finale.  You could run 2+ simultaneously to turn this into a final piece but personally, we wouldn’t use it like that.

£60 is a large chunk of money for 26 seconds but don’t forget, if this was slowing firing the price may not prove such a pain point if you were considering duration.  That’s not what Collision SIB from Imperial fireworks is about, however.

The collision is a nicely made solid firework with glossy packaging, the picture seems to show a planet having some sort of collision maybe?  We will let you be the judge of that!

In terms of setting this firework up, Collision is a solid lump, well balanced so either staking or burying to the buried line is simple and quick.  Always ensure the correct safety distance is observed which is 25m for this piece.

If you have fired Imperial Fireworks Collision before why not add your rating below and help others decide if this is a firework they should buy.

Imperial Fireworks Collision

Collision is a nice faced firework offering nice effects at a fast pace.
Value for money5.5
Ease of use8
  • Intensity
  • Nice effects
  • Crowd pleaser
  • Duration is short
  • Is the price justified for smaller budgets?
6.5Not Bad
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