Devils Delight Fireworks Review

Devils Delight from ghengis fireworks are a pack of 4 single shot roman candles. ideal to impress the little ones on a small display.
Key facts at a glance

  • Type: Single shot
  • Average price: £1.49
  • Fire type: Verticle
  • Shot count: 1
  • Bore size: –
  • Approx duration: 4 second
  • Safety distance: 5m
  • Ideal for: Small garden display

What We Think of Devils Delight

We cannot say much about them. You get one shot each out of them. Maybe an idea set up is to fuse the 4 for a full effect.

The packaging was really good easy to get into, pulling the fuse out was easy enough and even felt sturdy.

They basically plugged and play, push the red base into the ground and light the fuse, more or less easy to use.

Ultimately, stated above if you fuse 4 of these together you will get a short full burst of effect.

Why Buy Devils Delight

If you are buying these to think they produce a single report effect just Like the Weco air bombs, think again. They produce a single shot of cracking sparks.

The packs are small but would add something nice to a small display if you buy two or more.

Furthermore, We advise if you want to start off a small show, you would need to buy at least 2 packs and fuse them together.

That being said, at £1.49 I highly doubt they are worth a pack. Maybe at a £1, it would be equally worth the effects by all accounts.

Finally, have you had the Ghengis Fireworks Devils Delight? Give them a star rating below and let others see your opinion.

Devils Delight
Value for money:3.7
Ease of use:8
  • well packaged
  • Easy to use. Plug and light.
  • slighty pricey for what it offers
  • Needs more effect oomph
5.8Needs more oomph
Reader Rating: (0 Votes)

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