Dr Thrust SIB Single Ignition Fireworks Review

Dr Thrust SIB from Epic Fireworks – you will be impressed with one of these single ignition fireworks.

Key facts at a glance

  • Type: Single ignition barrage
  • Average price: £8.50 approx
  • Fire type:  Vertical straight up
  • Shot count: 25
  • Bore size: 18mm
  • Approx duration: 20 seconds
  • Safety distance: 25m
  • Ideal for: All the family and pyro lovers alike

What We Think of Dr Thrust

If you are setting out to buy fireworks for your home firework display or a bigger event then you should certainly check this little firework out.

When it comes to the old motto ‘Good things come in small packages’ this couldn’t be more true than with Dr Thrust from Epic Fireworks.

Its small, punchy and full of effects to keep everyone’s head angled up into the night sky.

Firing 25 shots of more effects than you can shake a stick at for such a small cake it really is an incredible little package for less than a tenner.

Effects to keep everyone entertained include: Blue stars, silver strobes, red and blue mines, comets, red stars, UFOs and don’t forget plenty of crackles along the way.

Why Buy This Firework

If you are running on a low budget or if you want to start your firework show with variety this is the piece for you.

This is a well packaged firework with a colourful design depicting a voodoo witch doctor in glossy outer packaging.

The fuse is located at the top of the firework, which makes lighting it easy.  After placing it into the ground or staked the fuse can be straightened and lit without issue.

The only downside is duration but who can complain for the price.

We recommend getting 2 and firing within 2 seconds of each other for some extra wow factor.

If you have fired Epic Fireworks Dr Thrust before why not add your rating below and help others decide if this is a firework they should buy.

Epic Fireworks Dr Thrust

Dr Thrust
Great little firework that deserves its place in any firework display.
Value for money8.5
Ease of use8.5
  • Plenty of effects
  • Great price
  • Mini show in a box
  • Duration a bit short
7.2Pretty decent
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

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