Dumbum SIB from Klasek delivers earth shattering bangs loud enough to wake the dead

Key facts at a glance

  • Type: Single ignition barrage
  • Average price: £30-£50
  • Fire type:  Vertical straight up
  • Shot count: 25/49
  • Bore size: 30mm
  • Approx duration: 35 seconds (25 shot)
  • Safety distance: 25m
  • Ideal for: Large display, very loud so not suitable for young children etc

What We Think of Dumbum (we fired the 25 shot for this review)

There is only one way to describe Dumbum by Klasek and that’s insanely loud!

Dumbum delivers shots of pure titanium salutes giving a hugely loud report and a snowball dusting into the night sky.

This firework is not visually spectacular but when you hear the boom bouncing into the distance are you going to be that bothered?

As mentioned the effects from this are titanium salutes producing a mega loud report which works well on its own for noise lovers, or as a great background, piece to add depth to something else of equal duration.

Why Buy This Firework

You should buy a Dumbum either because you just love noise or want to give your display that little more oomph.

£30 is a lot to spend on something that literally just goes bang but these things are addictive and once you have fired one.

you will always crave the intensity that this powerhouse cake brings to your display.  Really when you watch the video, it does not do this justice as you cannot appreciate the depth of sound delivered.

We love the skull and crossbones packaging on the Klasek dum bum,  it makes it feel like it’s something you should be respectful of, and truthfully you do.

Either in 25 or 49 shot form, the firework is solid and well put together but due to the power. you should take extra care to ensure this firework is secured either by staking or burying to bury line before lighting.

If you have fired Klasek Dumbum before why not add your rating below and help others decide if this is a firework they should buy.



We love the Dumbum, its punchy loud and gives that wow factor even without being pretty
Value for money6
Ease of use7
  • Loud
  • Louder
  • Wakes the dead
  • Not great if young children are around
  • Some may not like the fact there is no colour
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