Fireworks for sale from UK firework shops near you, we have been able to provide firework reviews. That we hope will help you decide on the best fireworks for your next event.


Air Hawk Rockets

Air Hawk rockets from MenShun offer a big rocket bang for your buck. Key facts at a glance Type: Rockets Average price: £20 Fire type:  Vertical straight up Shot count: 5 rockets in a pack B...
Glitter Mountain
5.1worth it!

Glitter Mountain

Glitter Mountain Fountain Fireworks Reviews Glitter Mountain Fountain Firework from Ghengis Fireworks, Would have offered some nice in betweens during a show. Key Facts At A Glance Type: Fountain Av...
5.8Needs more oomph

Devils Delight

Devils Delight Fireworks Review Devils Delight from ghengis fireworks are a pack of 4 single shot roman candles. ideal to impress the little ones on a small display. Key facts at a glance Type: Single sh...