Glitter Mountain Fountain Fireworks Reviews

Glitter Mountain Fountain Firework from Ghengis Fireworks, Would have offered some nice in betweens during a show.

Key Facts At A Glance

  • Type: Fountain
  • Average price: £11.95
  • Fire type: Fountain of Sparks
  • Approx Duration: 2 mins
  • Safety distance: 25m
  • Ideal for: Medium to big displays.

What We Think of Ghengis Fireworks Glitter Mountain

In this instance, I cannot give a full review as I had issues from start to finish.

The package was intact, put on opening the film on top to access the fuse saw some problems.

The fuse was long, Still intact with the fountains tubes.

Listing the fuse was easy, it caught on just fine. But the time it took from liting it to travelling to the tubes was a bit of a waiting game.

The second part of the problem, You could hear the sparks going off but no visual effect.

This start raising concern of the fountain, we missed the first part of the effect, it carried on to show the second full effect.

But the transaction to the third set the entire firework on flames.

We waiting for the whole firework to die down and doused accordingly.

Why Buy Glitter Mountain

To repeat, we cannot give a full conclusion of this review. But by all means, We may have had a single faulty fountain.

This is not to say all are the same, and we suggest you make your choice from the video above.

What we did see from the effect, In reality, it does look like an excellent piece nevertheless.

Price is reasonable for the what you get, and the firework itself is a decent size.

This could be a nice addition to the start of a show, or if you want to break up your other items during it.

Finally, have you had the Ghengis Fireworks Glitter Mountain? Give them a star rating below and let others see your opinion.

Glitter Mountain
Value for money:5.1
Ease of use:5.1
  • Great Effect
  • Perfect for a small show
  • make sure to check the fuse and tubes
  • Can set alight!
5.1worth it!
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