Hurricane Fanned Cake

Hurricane Fanned Cake or Single Ignition Barrage from Imperial Fireworks, a relentless quick fire fan for some quickie wow factor.

Key facts at a glance

  • Type: Single ignition barrage
  • Average price: £30
  • Fire type:  Fan
  • Shot count: 30
  • Bore size: 30mm
  • Approx duration: 20 seconds
  • Safety distance: 25m
  • Ideal for: Medium to large display

What We Think of Hurricane

As the name would suggest, Hurricane is a hard hitting quick fire fan barrage that will fill the sky with some beautiful effects.

Buying a fan barrage for most people can be a big outlay given the duration of most and you generally have to part with £50/£60 plus to get something that will give you a half decent show.

Hurricane delivers big effects as good as those more expensive cakes but you do sacrifice duration for impact factor.  We only saw 20 seconds from ours but they were a great 20 seconds.

Firing spreads of 5 shots so 6 spreads in all the effects on each spread change giving you excellent variety.  Crackling golden coconuts,  Blue pistils,  Red cherries and plenty more gold crackles.

Why Buy This Firework

If you want to have a hard hitting fan without spending high-end money then this is the fan for you, 30mm max bore tubes see to that.

Fairly well packages, not sure what the design is really meant to resemble, its called hurricane but seems more like a scene from the movie Deep Impact.

The firework is a reasonable size and weight but you should always ensure it is securely placed. .Bury or stake as this is a fan so can be top heavy.

Good for a medium show penultimate firework or even a finale if you fired several.

Don’t forget though, its only 20 seconds in duration so if you are firing mid-show, be ready on the next firework at 15 seconds in.

If you have fired the Hurricane from Imperial Fireworks before why not add your rating below and help others decide if this is a firework they should buy.



We think this is a great fan for the money and a good 30 quid spent
Value for money6.5
Ease of use7.5
  • Great mix of effects
  • Nice sky filling spread
  • Duration will hurt if you have a small budget
  • Don't understand the packaging theming
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

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