Jupiter Barrage Box Firework Reviews

Jupiter Barrage Box from Ghengis fireworks, Offering a mixture small delights. for small to midum DIY shows
Key facts at a glance

  • Type: variouse barrage Box
  • Average price: £29.95
  • Fire type: Vertical straight up
  • Shot count: 96 – 16 each
  • Bore size: 18mm
  • Approx duration: 20 sec each
  • Safety distance: 8m
  • Ideal for: family’s

The cakes are small and compact and come in a nicely glossy box. Featured with a handle at top.

These little beauties was a very enjoyed delight, and the kids enjoyed them without getting board.

What’s more, Upon opening the box, all 6 was nicely compact within the case. They were fully wrapped up with a tag over the fuses.

It’s apparent that you can fire these individually, or you can fuse them up to a firing system and set them up to fire one after each other.

What We Think of Jupiter Barrage Box

We thought they were well packaged, No damaged outer pack.

The fuse was slightly small, but nothing too short to stop you from lighting them. But was a fiddle to open.

Furthermore, the cakes fuse was long enough, we even removed the tops to examine each tube.

Each cake was fired individually, we placed them in our homemade barrage rack what accommodated them nicely.

All 6 cakes offered some nice effects, they weren’t too loud but they weren’t quiet.

Ultimately, We enjoyed these, we found each cake was standard.

You get two themed cakes 3 for each theme, and you get around 6 to 7 effects off each cake.

Nevertheless, They are not designed for big shows, But you would get a decent small to a medium sized DIY garden event out of them.

Finally, If you have fired Ghengis fireworks Jupiter Barrage Box before why not add your rating below and help others decide if this is a firework they should buy.

Jupiter Barrage Box
Value for money:9
Ease of use:7.6
  • Sturdy package.
  • Information on the cakes.
  • Only 2 themed effects.
  • Room for Improvement.
7.7Little Mixtures
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