Mega Eruption Firework Fountains Review

Mega Eruption Fountains from Ghengis Fireworks, Offer a fantastic experience to any small or large display.

Key Facts At A Glance

  • Type: Fountain
  • Average price: £11.95
  • Fire type: Fountain of Sparks
  • Approx Duration: 90 seconds each
  • Safety distance: 25m
  • Ideal for: Big Display.

What We Think of Ghengis Fireworks Mega Eruption

At a glance, and at the price you pay, you do believe it is going to be a pack of plain fountains, Yes, we thought wrong.

Each fountain offered sparks and curious vivid color followed by loud crackles.

These will impress, no matter where you place them in your DIY display, from the start, during or coupled with your finale.

Why Buy Mega Eruption

We were very impressed with the transaction of each effect, No dying down too much and keep you entertained throughout.

You get three fountains in a pack, and at a bargain of £11.95, that is roughly 3.98 per fountain.

Getting access to the fountains fuse was ok, you do have to piece the film cover to get it.

Each of these fountains effects has a height of about 6ft to 7ft or so.

Ultimately, If you are looking for fountains, to add to your display, then these pack of three Mega Eruption are a must buy.

Finally, have you had the Ghengis Fireworks Mega Eruption? Give them a star rating below and let others see your opinion.



Mega Eruption
Value for money:8.5
Ease of use:7
7.5For fountain lovers.
Reader Rating: (0 Votes)

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