Pulse Selection Box Review

Pulse Selection Box from Ghengis Fireworks suitable for a family with small children.

Key facts at a glance

  • Type: Selection Box
  • Average price: £29.95
  • Fire type: Fountains, Rockets, Roman Candles
  • Approx Duration: Varies
  • Safety distance: 5m
  • Ideal for: Family of small children

Pulse is a big bulky selection box, with 29 fountains, one combi cake, two Roman candles, and three rockets and two packs of sparklers.

From the video above this is the shooting order of the fountains.

Smiling Faces, Top Of The World, Super Whirlwind, Endless Sky, Star Dust, Lava Flow, Star Fantasy, Ground Zero, Burning Sky, Glitter Ball, Crazy Rock.

Effects of the fountains were beautiful and Well packaged.

However, it was a fiddle to pierce the film to get access to the fountains fuse and most did not last nearly long enough.

Overall with placing the fountains down on a level surface and lighting them, it was easy.

Pulse Selection Box Fountain content

All things considered, the real focus was fountains more or less, than an actual variety.

You could say there are other selection boxes on the market today that can offer a better selection.

Pulse me all the fountains.

Pulse selection box does not contain a Catherine wheel, and the other items were two Roman candles and a small combi cake and three rockets.

Pulse Selection Box Roman Candles

For our second part, The Roman candles and the combi cake.

In order of firing, History Footprint, This offered a surprising punch for a small cake, A good verity of effect and colors.

The roman candles are pretty standard to that what you see in the majority of the selection boxes.

Ghengis Fireworks Pulse Selection Box 3 Rockets

We urge you not to expect anything magnificent from the rockets, as seen in the video they did produce a small effect and with no noise at all.

Ghengis Fireworks Pulse Selection Box Sparklers

The sparklers are at that, They would be OK, to keep the kids happy for a moment or two.

Suitable for families or people who would like a low noise long lasting display, with limited space. if you are into a selection box, I cannot see much reason why this cannot fill in if you like a lot of fountains.


Pulse Selection Box
Value for money:4.5
Ease of use:4.9
  • You have plenty to light.
  • huge selection box
  • Less fountains
  • More roman candles and rockets
4.9Too Many Fountains
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