Thunder King mine from Ghengis Fireworks offers big effect noise lovers that quick fix they crave.

Key facts at a glance

  • Type: Mine
  • Average price: £20
  • Fire type:  Vertical straight up
  • Shot count: N/A
  • Bore size: 4” Mine
  • Approx duration: 5 seconds
  • Safety distance: 25m
  • Ideal for: Large higher budget display or if you just want a pyro quick fix.

What We Think of Thunder King

When it comes to shock factor, no firework delivers better than a Mine but how does Thunder King stand up to its highly acclaimed now retired older brother, the Ultimate Fear.

If you haven’t come across the Ultimate Fear mine before then lets just say, it sent the benchmark on what consumer level mines could do.  Starting with a good duration crackling fountain then without warning into the night sky with deafening results.  If you don’t believe us then go look up the video!

Anyway, back to today’s contender – the Thunder King mine by Ghengis Fireworks.  This mine has been produced to comply with current regulations.

No fountain on this one, just light the fuse, stand back for one big rush of ground mines firing up in massive effect with loud reports.

Sadly its not quite as impressive at Ultimate fear but that being said, still packs a punch given it is in compliance with latest regs.


Why Buy This Firework

Do you want to shock the crowd?  Then that’s why you should buy this firework.  With no warning Thunder King erupts so they won’t be expecting it.

Packaging is not that inspiring but then you’re not interested in this firework because the packaging is pretty, right?

You should make sure this firework is secured well, either by burying or staking to the ground as this has a risk of toppling over.

As mentioned this isn’t the ultimate fear but its still a decent mine if you can take the hit on the price.  2 fired exact same time spaced 10 metres apart at the start of your show will really give the crowd something to wake up for!

Thunder King Mine

Thunder King Mine
Nice mine with some great effects but pricey
Value for money3.5
Ease of user7
  • Big effects
  • Shock factor
  • High cost
  • Foutain would have improved duration
5.3Not Bad
Reader Rating: (0 Votes)

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